Kids' Safety & EducationPlay it safe. Educate your children about electrical safety and make them aware of overhead power lines. If your kids plan to fly a kite, make sure they're in an open field away from electrical lines. Wet and dirty kite strings can conduct electricity.

Check out the Kid's Corner

The Electrical Safety Foundation International is a great resource that promotes electrical safety at home and in the workplace. Be sure to visit its "Kid's Corner" with cartoons, games and parent and teacher resources.

TECO Kids talk about safety and electricity

We asked some of our employees' kids about electricity, energy and safety. Their candid answers can be good starting points to discuss with your own kids or students.

Why Should We be Safe Around Electricity?

How Can We be Safe During a Hurricane?

What Can We Do to Save Energy?

How Does Solar Energy Work?

What are Electric Vehicles?

What Does Clean Energy Mean?

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